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Available Rooms

  • An activity room as seen in the left and right pictures above, which can be configured as:
    • A single room of 15.33m by 7.55m, with capacity to seat Approx 60+ people in configuration 1 (with tables) or 100+ people in configuration 2 (Seating only).
    •  Or two private rooms  with the capacity to seat 30+ people in configuration (with tables) or 50+ people in configuration (Seating only).
  • A conference room of 8.09m by 6.55m as seen in the middle picture above, with a capacity to seat Approximately 30 +people in configuration 1 (with tables) or Approximately 50+ people in configuration (Seating only).
  • It is possible to rent the entire centre for private usage.


  • A kitchen with conveniences including Cooker, Microwave, Fridge/Freezer and Hot Water Dispenser
  • Crockery, glassware and utensils provided as part of room rental / additional sum.
  • Relationships in place with preferred catering suppliers for snacks, sandwiches, and full meals.

Conferencing and Technology

  • Projectors, Televisions, etc available.
  • Any other technical specification.
  • Room configuration options including number of seats, tables, table styles.